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The perfect splashback can be functional as well as beautiful. South Coast Glass & Mirrors can help you choose the right option for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home. Our glass splashbacks are top-quality and cut to fit your space. We offer our services on the Gold Coast, and we are happy to help you with your home.

Why you need a splashback

The purpose of a splashback is to protect your walls against water and other liquids. Water and humidity pose a real danger to paint and walls as well as your home in general.

Frequent exposure to humidity fosters the ideal environment for mildew and mould growth. This is especially a risk on the walls above sinks and stoves and around bathtubs.

Instead of traditional tile and grout lines that get mouldy, a glass splashback can be installed, therefore, eliminating mould problems and giving you a surface that’s very easy to keep clean.

Where to put a splashback

Splashbacks are the perfect solution for kitchen walls above the sink or stove as well as in bathrooms around the shower or tub. Splashbacks behind hotplates or in the shower have to be toughened glass to withstand the heat. That’s why our glass splashbacks are the best choice to protect your walls.

Custom Made

Our splashbacks are custom made to suit your space. You can rest easy knowing that we will take the guess work out of measuring and installing your splashback. We custom make all our splashbacks including any cut outs for cabinetry, rangehoods and power points. We offer a fast turn around and our fully qualified glaziers will provide you with a wealth of knowledge during your measure.

Glass Types

Toughened Vs Not Toughened

Toughened glass is best suited for any pieces that are displayed directly behind any cooking facilities like a stovetop or kettle as the glass will need to withstand the heat. All other pieces can be installed in our non toughened glass.

Float Glass VS Low Iron

Our float glass is our most generic piece of glass that you will find in your home like in windows or table tops. It is renowned for its clear green finish as it has iron in the glass. When using this option we generally only paint two colour choices on this type of glass; dark shades like black or white painted on float glass to have a green/white effect.


Our low iron glass is renowned for its crystal like clarity. It has a crisp bright clear effect to the glass. Low iron glass is the most popular glass choice as most clients colours they have chosen will need to be painted on this option.

Splashback Options

Choose from a variety of design options suited to your space. Click below to find out more!



We invite you to visit our showroom. It is a chance to explore our vast arrange of different splashback options whilst it gives you the opportunity to touch and feel.