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Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops

What are glass table tops?

A glass table top are a piece of glass which can be used as either a protector of an existing table like a timber table top, or it can be used as the top of the table itself.


Why do I need a glass table top?

A glass table top is used as a protector to protect your table from

  • Scratches from pets, children or even ornaments
  • Protection from spilled drinks or food
  • A freestanding glass table top simply opens up your living room space


What type of glass is used for table tops?

All ordinary glass has a slight green tinge to it. In most factors many people don’t notice it, this is  called float glass. For a super ultra clear glass it is best to use low iron glass.


When a glass table top is sitting as a protector on top of a wooden table than we recommend using a minimum of 6mm thick piece of glass. However if your table is outside or if your glass is the table top we recommend toughened glass for safety reasons. Toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger than float glass. When your glass is your table top we recommend a minimum of 10mm thick glass.


If your piece of glass was to break toughened glass will shatter in lots of little pieces, where as float glass will break into sharp pieces, making the toughened glass a lot safer.


All our table tops come with a polished edge, which means your table top will not be left sharp, and will keep your table top edges smooth. At South Coast Glass we can create a beautiful glass table top cut to size, custom to suit your furniture. It is guaranteed to make your furniture stay looking great for years.