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Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of order
As all of our products are custom manufactured to order. The acceptance of our quotation is defined as an order to commence, we require a 50% deposit to proceed and balance due on completion of the job.

Delivery and installation
South Coast Glass and Mirrors aims to supply, deliver and install all products ordered for specified dates but cannot be held responsible by material shortages supplied by others. Please ask our team for current lead times.

South Coast Glass and Mirrors are committed to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. Our glaziers are certified technicians that have the skills and knowledge to meet your expectations. We ask our customers to ensure all moveable items to be removed from shelves, floors and vanities etc that may be blocking access for the installer. A clear passageway must be made for our installers for bringing in tools and materials. All other items subject to damage should be either cleared or protected as our installers cannot remove their boots for safety reasons.


South Coast Glass and Mirrors guarantee all installed products for a period of twelve months against workmanship, installation and material defects. This warranty does not apply in respect of defects arising from

  • Normal wear and tear
  • The failure to follow any installation procedures, operation, or maintenance specified or recommended by South Coast Glass
  • Any circumstances beyond the control of South Coast Glass, such as unauthorised repairs, tampering, misuse, abuse, accident, damage in transit, natural events, or damage caused by animals.
  • South Coast Glass and Mirrors do not cover spontaneous glass and mirror breakages and scratches.
  • While all care is taken when installing or removing we take no responsibility and do not cover costs of damage caused to plumbing behind walls or to tiles and any other existing unknown factors.

All rubbish is to be removed by clients unless otherwise specified. Any paid removal of existing products will be disposed of by South Coast Glass and Mirrors. Our tradesmen will provide a trade clean, not a domestic clean.

Removal of existing products
South Coast Glass and Mirrors endeavour to ensure there is no damage when removing existing products. However, as we are unaware of the condition of the existing products, the structure they are fitted to, or how the existing products were originally installed and manufactured, we cannot be liable for damage caused by the removal of the existing product. This may include loose broken tiles, re-sealing of shower base and regrouting etc. Existing fixture holes from previous products will be covered where possible. Any further work required to patch will need to be completed by others.

Any maintenance to windows and doors e.g. spirals, rollers, re-sealing etc, is all care taken and no responsibility for any damaged caused including the glass. Sliding glass doors and windows require maintenance and replacing, therefore there is no warranty on parts.

Any products installed that require the use of silicone – for example showers, mirrors, splashbacks and wardrobe doors etc will need 24-48 hours to dry. Please do not touch these items as this can cause movement and may break the silicone seal. Some mirrors require props, please adhere to advise given by the glazier as to when can be removed.

Splashbacks and Mirrors
Splashbacks are subject to colour variations from outside influences once installed (reflections, shadows, lights, windows, etc). We strongly suggest to heat treat (toughen) the glass behind your cooking hotplates to protect your glass splashback from cracking due to too much heat.

If you have opted to add a power point cut out in your splashback or mirror, please ensure your electrician does not over tighten the power point, as this can result in a crack in your mirror or glass.

Mirrorguard is a glass with a special coating that allows the product to be toughened to A Grade Safety Standards where standard mirror cannot. Due to the toughening process some distortion in the glass by way of roller wave is slightly accentuated due to the mirror like qualities.  Mirrorguard was developed for decorative mirror like reflection purposes; it is not intended to have the exact same reflective qualities as mirror.

Mirrors Limited Warranty

South Coast Glass and Mirrors carry a twelve month warranty against mirror workmanship from date of installation. A clear coating mirror sealant is applied to the back edge of the mirror to help protect it. A neutral cure silicone must be used when installing mirrors. The use of strong chemical cleaning agents and incorrect silicone may discolour or deteriorate the mirrors. The environment can have severe impact on the life of a mirror. South Coast Glass and mirrors do not warrant against discolouration and delamination.

Cleaning Mirrors and Splashbacks
To clean apply a reputable ammonia-free mirror glass cleaner or methylated spirits to a clean lint-free cloth, and wipe in a circular motion. Polish with a clean non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.

Moisture, water and liquid cleaners should be kept away from the back edge of mirrors. Dry any residue immediately otherwise the warranty may be voided.  Adequate ventilation is important.


Security Screens

Security screens are utilised to protect your family home and deter break ins from occurring. Security screens consist on an aluminium frame and either stainless steel woven wire mesh, or diamond aluminium frame and grill or flyscreen mesh. They have been designed to perform year after year to withhold Australia’s harsh climates.


Security screens will require regular maintenance to remove contaminants caused by pollution, industry, salt and climatic conditions. Regular Maintenance with Screenguard Powawash is required to comply with your warranty.


EnvironmentMaintenance/CleaningEnvironment Definition
Severe/CoastalEvery 2 weeks5km from coastal/rural/suburban areas
ModerateEvery 3 months10km from coastal/high traffic areas
MildEvery 4 months15km from coastal/marine/heavy industrial areas


Shower Screen Warranty

It is important that you look after your shower screen in order to maintain the warranty, while also maintaining the quality and functionality. By not following the below information, this may void your shower screen warranty

  • Do not touch your shower screen for 24 hours after installation. The silicone needs time to dry. By touching your shower screen before the silicone sets, this may cause leaks and movement.
  • A shower screen is not water-tight and you may experience a small amount of water escaping through the door gaps. If you do experience a large amount of water seeping underneath the silicone area between the screen and the floor, please contact us.
  • Do not face the shower head towards the door gaps. This will cause water to leak through the gaps.
  • Do not hang towels or clothes over the top of your shower screen.


Cleaning instructions

To clean, you can use either warm or soapy water which is PH neutral or a reputable, ammonia-free glass cleaner, methylated spirits or simply mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply to the glass.  Wipe in a circular motion with a clean non-abrasive lint-free cloth.  Polish/dry the surface with a clean lint-free cloth.

Never use any abrasive materials like scourers or harsh chemical cleaning products containing bleech, acids, waxes, alcohol, solvents or ammonia, especially windex, as they may damage the finish. This will scratch and cause damage to your glass, hardware and framework.

Shower screen glass should be cleaned weekly at a minimum. We recommend using a quality squeegee after each shower use to remove excess water and soap stains on the glass. Frames and hardware should also be wiped dry after each use. This is to minimise water spots and minerals deposits. This is especially important in areas where the water has a high mineral content. We also recommend applying a product called enduroshield to help prevent stains etching in to your glass. Maintain a dry and well ventilated bathroom, this will assist with reducing mildew growth.