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Framed Mirrors

Framed Mirrors

Quality Built to Last

Powder coated aluminium framed mirrors are perfect to be installed for your next project. Framed mirrors are studier and stronger than frameless mirrors. The beauty of a framed mirror is you have the opportunity to install your mirror and move it at any time. Simply screw your mirror to the wall and place a cap over each corner. If your looking for a more permanent solution we have you covered, the use of silicone and double sided tape can be placed on the back of the mirror. We offer our framed mirrors to be vinyl backed for safety.


Aluminium Framed KD Mirror

Our premium aluminium frame comes in a range of powder coated and anodised finish colours to suit your space. We can use the same frame colour to match your shower screen. Our framed mirrors are made in house with the choice of mitred or square cut corners.


Micro-Framed Mirror

The micro-framed mirror is a more minimalist approach. It creates an appearance of a frameless mirror but has the strength of a framed mirror. The micro-framed mirror comes in a variety of finishes to suit your space.


Mirrox Framed Mirrors

The mirrox framed mirror is primarily used when you are creating a long wall of mirrors generally in a gym or a dance studio. We use a perimeter frame that can be stuck directly to the wall with multiple mirrors evenly sized inside of the frame. The mirrox frame is perfect for business that are renting a space that they may need to move warehouses. Unlike frameless mirrors that get directly stuck to the wall and will need to be smashed off, the mirror frame can be dismantled and moved to your next location.